"People show that they like you in all kinds of different ways. But some basic ones are … they want to hear your stories. They care how you feel. They want to make your day better. They want to listen to your problems. They reach out to you. … One nice definition of love, I think, is that another person’s happiness is more important to your own."
- Watch: Stephen Colbert stepped out of character to give awesome, heartfelt advice (via explore-everywhere)

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A wonderful day at Lake Windermere (Lake District)

Ahhh, yesterday was just another perfect day, thanks to the outdoors. I’m positive now that I get my burning fuel from forests, rivers, lakes, and fields; not from the city where I have to spend most of my time. 

I was really at the end of my rope last week. I also caught a cold, which is my body’s way of telling me that I’m tired and exhausted and really need to go back home soon. So, I decided to leave Manchester for a day and go to the world-famous Lake District! Even though I had to sit on crowded trains a lot, it was absolutely worth it!


Although first thing in the morning I saw that the train I’d previously tried to catch was disrupted or something so I had to wait for another one, and I barely made the connection in Oxenholme toward Windermere, I still got there safe and sound. Once I arrived, I immediately found a bike hire place, which was conveniently placed right next to the tiny train station. The bike (which was pretty nice considering) cost 23 pounds for the day which is pricey but if you don’t have anything on you, this is the only way you can bike for a day in a forest. 


So I rented the bike, got a helmet, a pump, and a map with it, and then just followed the map till I got to the ferry!!! :) Yes, I had to take a ferry across the lake to get to the forest on the other side! Wheeee :)

Already on the other side, I followed many other bikers along the trail, but fortunately we went with different speeds and different directions, so I didn’t have to stroll after them for long. Oh, and that forest!!!! Simply breathtaking!



The power these trees might possess makes you feel humble :3
As I was biking along the trail I sat down at the lake to have a little rest and put my feet in the water <3



But I wouldn’t be me if there was no catastrophe or some disaster around me. It turned out today (I heard it from my teaching partner) that yesterday somebody died at Lake Windermere in a cottage because they wanted to set up some fireworks but they fired backwards and it burned down the whole cottage, the person included. And the terribly morbid part of the whole thing comes now:

Sitting at exactly this place, where the above pictures were taken, and eating my sandwich, I saw a plume of smoke among the trees on the other side of the lake. And I thought to myself, who on earth would burn leaves/trees at this time of the day/year? And that plume of smoke was probably the poor man in his cottage burning to ashes…….. I had the most amazing day and somebody was dying at that exact moment, and I thought they were just burning leaves… *facepalm*

Well, things like this just happen. How many others are dying right now all over the world. Also, at that point I had no idea what I saw, so I stood up and biked along. And as I was nearing a small castle, I saw a downhill! *.* It looked just like the ones I saw in the videos, though of course less steep and dangerous. But I thought this is the moment to try it because I might not have the chance to this back at home soon enough. So I went up, and then gathered all my courage and went straight down.

Aaand… it was magical! The speed, the downhill, the adrenaline rush I got from it - all of it was just perfect. And when I got down, I just couldn’t help the huge grin on my face :D So I went back and down again, back up and down again, back up and down again :DD And then I found another trail. It looked a bit more challenging because I had to go through trees and branches and stuff. But I went down that one too!!! And back up and down again and back up and down again :D Ohhhhh, I loved it! Actually, I found another one on the way back with even more loose branches and roots. Went down that one too!! Wohooo :D

But time went by quickly, so I had to head back to the ferry and go back to the train station to give back the bike and go back home. What a wonderful day! And luckily the weather was spectacular as well - blue sky, sun shining, late summer-like temperature. Perfect :) Ahh, my energy is finally back ^^


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  Конечно, уже немного легче. Легче и думать о тебе, и видеть тебя. Особенно видеть тебя с другими девушками. Легче смотреть на то, как ты их целуешь, обнимаешь, как ты им улыбаешься. Но, глядя на все это, я смотрю на себя и пытаюсь понять, что же во мне не так. Что во мне не так? Мои платья недостаточно короткие? Мои ноги недостаточно стройные, а губы, наоборот, недостаточно пухлые? А помнишь, ты мне когда-то говорил, что я самая красивая…

  Да, сейчас уже легче. Дышать легче. Особенно по ночам. Сейчас и не больно почти. Было намного больнее. А помнишь, как ты с самого первого дня мне твердил, что не хочешь сделать мне больно? Так зачем ты это сделал? Ты прекрасно знал о моих чувствах. Ты мог не прийти в первый раз. Мог не прийти во второй раз, в третий, в четвертый. Но ты приходил. Приходил, обнимал, целовал и я сразу чувствовала себя нужной. Нужной тебе. А потом ты говорил, что не хочешь, не готов к отношениям. Хорошо, я поняла, я отстранилась. Насколько бы это не было сложно, больно, я оставила тебя в покое. Но ты, спустя месяцы, снова вернулся. Зачем? Зачем ты ко мне вернулся? Зачем говорил, что я только твоя? Только твоя и ничья больше. И никто, ни один мужчина, не имеет права даже подойти ко мне…

  Но сейчас легче. Намного легче. Все эти тупые выражения в стиле «ты сделал меня сильнее» - хуйня. Я и без тебя была сильной. Ты сделал меня слабой. Но я снова стану сильной. Я перестану размазывать сопли об подушку. Я снова начну петь в душе. В дУше и в душЕ. Я начну снова красить губы красным и носить каблуки. И буду смотреть на тебя сверху вниз и плевать на твое ничтожное существование.

А так, да, мы с тобой the best of fucking friends.


by Ануш. Дежурная по Путешествиям. Монтре, Швейцария. 


oh fuck

Finally a post from Manchester!

Okay, so let’s try again after that annoying blunder when I lost everything I wrote…
I’ve been here for 4 weeks now, and what can I say… I miss Salisbury. I wouldn’t have thought that I would say this because that little town was just about to get on my nerves but thinking back, I felt somehow more at peace. Having said that, there are indeed more opportunities for entertainment in Manchester. For example, this has been my most intellectual month so far because I’ve been to the theater twice! First, I saw an amazing performance of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream broadcast from the Globe in London. Though that story is so old and familiar, it was really good, no kidding. The other one was on Saturday - Around the World in Eighty Days at the Royal Exchange. It has little to do with the original book or films, but it was spectacular. The timing, the acting, the stunts! They made it into some steampunk extravaganza! Loved it! I recommend to everyone who’s in Manchester!

Apart from culture, Manchester has also proved to be extremely sporty so far. I run and go swimming at least once every week, and on Saturday (the same day when I saw the play) I went to the Rock Over Climbing Centre! I went wall climbing everybody!! :D Just a week ago I saw a video about a girl who climbed all the bridges and walls in Budapest, also my friend has mentioned that he does wall climbing now and then, and look, I went climbing myself! And it was awesome!!! :D Plus I wasn’t bad at all, according to the cute instructor guy :P But now everything in my body aches and hurts. I wouldn’t have imagined that there are so many muscles that can hurt at the same time. I could hardly lift my arms yesterday and I still can’t open heavy doors easily… Wicked XD Can’t wait to go again!

Oh, and I’m here for teaching apparently, so let’s talk a bit about that too :D Well, it’s not what I imagined, to tell the truth. The students are lovely and I really want to give the best to them, but most of the teaching staff is really dispirited and demotivating. They are just here for the money, they want to get through with it and then go on to their next job somewhere. Unfortunately, I kind of feel the same way because I’ve been away from home for so long that I’ve run out of energy. I’ve already started crossing out the days. I really really really want to come back home and I can’t wait to meet all my friends, and to go to the lake, to go hiking, to go everywhere basically and bring back the summer that I “lost.” It’s over soon!!

And I started listening to Guano Apes again, and wow, they have some good stuff! Their songs are full of energy, just what I need now. I’ll post a song after this post. :)

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